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FINIS Tide Goggles

FINIS Tide Goggles

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The perfect goggle for both training and competition. Four sizes of interchangeable nose pieces make finding your perfect fit easy. The eye gaskets are made of premium silicone for maximum comfort while providing a secure seal. Anti-fog-treated lenses will keep you seeing clearly

  • Zero-drag design, making it the perfect competition goggle (ages 13 & up).
  • Premium silicone eye gaskets create a comfortable fit and a secure seal.
  • Find the best fit with nosepieces in multiple sizes.
  • Anti-fog treated so you can see clearly no matter how hard you work.
  • Create a perfect fit and distribute pressure evenly with the dual silicone strap.

*In efforts to be more environmentally friendly and reduce plastic waste, our TIDE Goggles comes in a simple plastic sleeve. No hard casing is provided. Let's protect our home!