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ALP NUTRITION® is specialized in the research & development of innovative and natural Premium Liquid Food Supplements. Produced in Germany ALP NUTRITION® is based on over 15 years of research led by Biochemist, Olympic Nutritionist and competitive athlete Dr. Oliver Schnorr. 

The ALP NUTRITION® product range currently available in Asia  comprises 5 products :

  • ALP BEAUTY® (Anti-Aging & Healthy Skin);
  • ALP CURCUMIN® (Anti-inflammatory);
  • ALP SPORT® (Performance & Regeneration);
  • ALP PROTECT® (Immune System & Concentration) and;
  • ALP CARNITIN® (Weight Loss & Fat Metabolism).

ALP NUTRITION® products use only ingredients that are characterized by very high bioavailability, to ensure that the body can best absorb the nutrients it contains and contain the totally unique ALP PHYTO®, a herbal extract comprising lemon thyme, lemon balm, chamomile, mallow, stinging nettle, edelweiss and pineapple sage, cultivated in the Swiss Alps according to the strict guidelines of Bio-Suisse for controlled organic farming. 

Only this high quality plant material is used in a gentle extraction process using volcanic carbon dioxide for the production of ALP PHYTO®. The contained "phytonutrients", have positive properties for the human body in that they can have an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant or antimicrobial effect.