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Tour Of Phuket Exclusive Bundle

Tour Of Phuket Exclusive Bundle

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.Introducing our exclusive Sports Nutrition Bundle tailored specifically for participants of the Tour of Phuket event! As you gear up for the exhilarating challenges ahead, ensure you're equipped with the essential fuel and supplements to power through every stage with peak performance and endurance.

As an added bonus, we're thrilled to include additional AWAKN pills in the "Energy and Calm" formula, absolutely free! Experience the benefits of enhanced energy, focus, and a sense of calm and clarity, empowering you to tackle each stage of the Tour of Phuket with confidence and composure.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to optimize your performance and achieve your personal best during the Tour of Phuket event. Order your Sports Nutrition Bundle today and embark on your journey towards success with the support of premium-quality supplements designed for champions like you.

Bundle contains

9x Pure Energy Gels 50g: 
  • 3x Lemon Lime Caff
  • 3x Orange
  • 3x Mango
6x Pure Electrolyte Hydration 42g:
  • 2x Raspberry
  • 2x Lemon
  • 2x SuperFruit
4x Pure Electrolyte Capsules small sachets
Additional AWAKN pills "Energy and Calm" for free and Members can use their code for extra discount.

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Tour Of Phuket Exclusive Bundle