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SFuels Race+ Gel (6 serves)

SFuels Race+ Gel (6 serves)

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A concentrated Race+ powder that mixes into a gel format. Multiple servings can be stored in a compact, ultra fast-access, light-weight, and environmentally sensitive squeezy bottle for in-race fueling.

Key Benefits

- Provides rapidly absorbed fast transport carbohydrates and MCT's for rapid fueling
- Balanced electrolytes to support predictable muscle contraction and firing
- Supports the gut during exercise induced heat stress
- Fast gel access, non-sticky, auto-closing valve squeezy bottle system
- Environmentally sensitive racing and competition, leave no trash/trace on the race course

When to use (with water from aid-stations)

- High intensity training (HIT) sessions
- Racing and competitions

What’s included:

- MCT’s
- Highly branched starch
- Electrolytes
- Glutamine

What’s not:

- Gluten free
- No sugar alcohols
- No artificial colors or flavors

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