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SFuels Primed (15 serves)

SFuels Primed (15 serves)

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SFuels PRIMED is designed to deliver a precise and controlled dose of caffeine. Each serving contains 80mg of green tea extracted caffeine, supporting enhanced fat oxidation and cognitive functions. SFuels Primed avoids sugar and sugar alcohols to prevent insulin-triggered blunting of fat oxidation.

In addition to caffeine, SFuels PRIMED includes other key ingredients that can benefit exercise performance and energy metabolism:
1. L-Carnitine: Daily consistent muscle loading of L-Carnitine at 2 – 3 grams per day has been shown to improve fuel transport, spare glycogen at lower intensities, and support more efficient use of glucose and lower lactate production at higher intensities.
2. Taurine: L-Taurine is another amino acid known for its potential to reduce fatigue and improve endurance during physical activity.
3. B-Vitamins (B3/B6/B12): These vitamins play essential roles in extracting energy from consumed food substrates. They are involved in various metabolic pathways that contribute to overall energy production and utilization.

By combining these ingredients in precise amounts, SFuels PRIMED aims to provide athletes with a comprehensive pre-exercise supplement. It enhances energy production, supports fat metabolism, and improves overall performance while reducing perceived effort during workouts or races. Individual responses to these ingredients may vary, so users should always consult with a healthcare professional or sports nutritionist before starting any new supplement regime.

How to Dose SFuels PRIMED:
- Retrain Fat-Oxidation Efficiency: Take 1 sachet/day as a daily pre-workout drink or within the first 30 minutes of exercise.
- Racing: Boost Fat-Oxidation. Lower RPE - Take 1 sachet 60 minutes prior to race start. Then take 2 sachets within the first 60-90 minutes from race start. Re-dose 2 sachets every 6 hours.

- L-Taurine
- N-Acetyl L-Carnitine
- Natural Caffeine from Green Tea
- Vitamin B3
- Vitamin B6
- Vitamin B12
- Natural Flavors
- Monk Fruit Extract
- Silicon Dioxide
- Malic Acid
- Beet Root Powder (for color)