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SFuels Life Bars

SFuels Life Bars

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SFuels LIFE - Endurance Bars use a proprietary blended mixture of milk protein isolates, almond butter, and resistant starches and fat to provide a slow-digesting, high-satiety snack.

Resistant starches and fibers undergo minimal assimilation throughout the digestive process. This supports the minimization of increased blood-sugar levels. These resistant starches also help support gut health and production/assimilation of healthy Short Chain Fatty Acids.

SFuels LIFE – Endurance Bars use the isolate form of milk protein, removing over 90% lactose from milk protein powder.

SFuels Life Bars are not baked or heat-treated to maintain nutrient levels in heat-sensitive fats, oils, and flavonoid-rich ingredients like Cacao.

SFuels Life Endurance Bars are gluten-free and very low in sugar. To minimize blood sugar spikes, there are no added sugars, dextrose, dried fruits, rice or cane syrups, fructose, or maltodextrin.

How to Dose SFuels Life Bar:
- Consume 1 bar as desired.
- Suitable for Pre and Post Workout.
- In race / competition high fat energy bar.
- Any time energy bar.

- Milk protein isolate
- Almond Butter
- IMO from Corn Syrup
- IMO from Tapioca Syrup
- Cocoa Butter
- Cacao Nibs
- Chicory Root Fiber
- Lecithin (Sunflower)
- Natural Flavors
- Sea Salt
- Stevia Leaf Extract
- Monk Fruit Extract