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SFuels Life Bars

SFuels Life Bars

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An energy bar with all you need and nothing you don’t – quality dairy protein and natural fat from almonds. Gluten-free and without sugar alcohols, the subtle flavors are enhanced by the crunch of the organic cacao nibs.

Key Benefits
- Provides pre-training energy and mental focus
- Keeps you feeling satisfied
- Provides quality fat-based fuel and protein to support post-workout recovery
- Low 2- 3 gr sugar profile with no sugar alcohols

When to use
- Pre & post-workout
- In-race /competition high-fat energy bar
- Anytime snack

What’s included:
- Whey protein isolate
- Almond butter
- Organic cacao nibs

What’s not:
- Gluten-free
- No sugar alcohol
- No pea/soy proteins
- No peanuts
- No artificial colors or flavors