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SFuels Keto 3 Breakfast Cereal

SFuels Keto 3 Breakfast Cereal

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The breakfast you need to get your day off to the right start – more protein than an egg, more energy than a bowl of oats, and less sugar than 3 grapes.

Can be enjoyed in 3 delicious ways – muesli style, granola style, or as a hot cereal.

Key Benefits
- 19g of quality fat-based fuel for a high-energy breakfast with only 2 grams of sugar
- 7g of highest quality whey protein isolate to support recovery
- 7g of fiber which keeps you feeling satisfied for longer
- No added sugars

When to use
- Breakfast
- Post-workout
- Anytime snack

What’s included:
- Whey protein isolate
- MCT’s
- Almonds
- Glutamine
- Psyllium powder

What’s not:
- No grains
- No gluten
- No sugar alcohol
- Not baked, puffed, or fried

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