RUNIVORE Protein Bar - Mighty Banana
RUNIVORE Protein Bar - Mighty Banana
RUNIVORE Protein Bar - Mighty Banana
RUNIVORE Protein Bar - Mighty Banana

RUNIVORE Protein Bar - Mighty Banana

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Co-developed with XTERRA, the world’s leading outdoor and endurance sports company. The ultimate post-workout treat following the 3:1 golden ratio for recovery (carb:protein).

Packed with additional superfoods to deliver a well-rounded protein bar.

10g of highly absorbable, complete protein. 580mg of Omega-3. 100% vegan-friendly. Gluten-free. Natural, delicious, and powerful – the best of three worlds.


Mightiest of Foods for Real Recovery. A RUNIVORE x XTERRA Collaboration.

The best way to bounce back from a workout and get ready for the next session is by eating delicious, protein-rich whole foods. 

Replenishing your body with protein, carbohydrates, and fats after workouts are crucial to recovery. This isn’t news. We all know that lousy recovery means no fitness gain. 

Getting these macronutrients from real foods that are healthy, natural, and, most importantly, delicious can improve performance, and gets you ready for the next training session. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, climber, triathlete, hiker, surfer… this is fundamental! 


The truth about protein 

Consuming protein is an essential part of recovery. However, there are too many conflicting and, quite frankly, wrong advice on how to eat protein and what protein does, especially for endurance athletes. 

First, let us debunk this right away: Eating protein and protein supplements, alone, will not make you too big. Not unless you are lifting heavy weights as well. Protein does not equal big muscles.

What protein does do is help you effectively recover between workouts. Less muscle soreness means a more productive training cycle because you are always ready to tackle the next workout in top form.