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PURE Fluid Energy Gels 50g Single Serve

PURE Fluid Energy Gels 50g Single Serve

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PURE Fluid Energy Gels are flavoured with real fruit and fruit juices. When you use this gel the first thing you’ll notice is the amazing taste of real fruit and how easy it is to consume. The gel is not sickly sweet (no added fructose) and is light in consistency, making them easier to consume while exercising and racing.

Designed for use during exercise, the PURE Fluid Energy Gels are a highly practical way to provide a fast energy boost in easy-to-open packaging.

- Flavoured with real fruit
- Not sickly sweet
- No added colours. Gluten-free
- Made in New Zealand

Each 50g Fluid Energy gel contains 25g - 26g of carbohydrates.

Recommended use
Use 15 minutes prior to the activity, then every 30-40 minutes during exercise. Maximum daily intake of 10 servings

Recommended daily intake of 3 servings if used as a source of energy, under AVA requirements.

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Antonio Ciccone

Top supplements!!!!!!