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Precision Fuel & Hydration

Precision Fuel & Hydration PF 30 Chew

Precision Fuel & Hydration PF 30 Chew

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Precision Fuel & Hydration's energy chews have a high carb-to-weight ratio, making them a great choice when you need to travel light. Each packet contains 2 chews efficiently delivering 15g of carb each.

The “Original” flavour chews have a mild, neutral taste. The Mint & Lemon flavour chews are a refreshing option when you're working hard in hot conditions. (Note- 1 chew is Lemon, the other is Mint)

- High carb to weight ratio, making them a great choice when you need to travel light
- Contains 30g of carbohydrate per serving, delivered as 2 x 15g chews
- Choose from a mild, neutral “Original” flavour and a refreshing Mint & Lemon.
- Great way to add variety to fueling plans for long runs and rides
- An ideal pre/post workout snack with a coffee
- Use the Quick Carb Calculator™ to understand your fueling needs
- 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio to aid carbohydrate uptake
- No artificial ingredients
- Vegan
- Gluten-free
- Does not contain electrolytes, as they're designed to be used alongside our Precision Hydration range
- Does not contain caffeine

Customer Reviews

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this is the best way to order

order direct and use the promo code.
better than else where and other method

Lewis Purcell

Precision Fuel & Hydration PF 30 Chew

April Rice
Love these chews

Easy to just have 1 at a time. Sweet flavour but not too sweet. Gives me just the booze of energy I need in a long session or race when I can’t stomach a gel.

TriDaddy Gil
Yummy Chews!

Tried this before an early morning swim training session. They are not too sweet, and they definitely provided the energy I needed to finish a 40 minute swim workout before breakfast! Thanks!


Tasty and energetic