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Ems Power Cookies

EM's Power Bites

EM's Power Bites

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Boost Your Day! Our Power Bites Multipacks are pure energy, nutritious and delicious snack-sized nuggets that last. Per pouch 8x Power Bites. Perfect for lunch box, sporty kids, office desk, and munching on-the-go.

With zesty apricots, real dark chocolate, crushed almonds and dates, EM's Power Cookies Apri-Choc Attack is packed. It is lower in fat and provides a beautiful taste profile that will please you. Who doesn't love real dark chocolate with apricots in combination? Mmmmm. Mmmm.

  • Natural sugars from apricots, dates, coconut, almonds and natural yoghurt
  • Made with sunflower oil and no butter

Allergens: Contains gluten, tree nuts, egg, dairy and soy. May contain sulphites.  Date pits or fragments may be present.


Made with Gluten Free ingredients, EM's Power Cookies Chocolate Cranberry Craze is like fudge and fruitcake all rolled into one nutritious and tasty treat. It is certainly the best energy snack for Gluten Free on the market.

  • Made with Gluten Free* ingredients
  • Natural sugars from dates, cranberries, almonds, coconut and apricots
  • Made with sunflower oil and no butter

*Manufactured in a facility that also handles gluten.

Allergens: Contains soy, tree nuts, and traces of dairy. May contain sulphites, gluten and egg. Date pits or fragments may be present.

EM's Power Cookies Chocolate Oat Explosion is our most popular flavour. It is just so damn good! Similar to the Original Sports Cookie, these Bites are just a little more compact, contain 40% less brown sugar than the Original recipe and are made with healthy sunflower oil.

  • Natural sugars from raisins, coconut and natural yoghurt
  • Made with sunflower oil and no butter

Allergens: Contains gluten, egg, dairy and soy. May contain sulphites and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

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Coach Mas

My pre-workout breakfast, goes really well with hot coffee. Tasty and get me all ready for long day.

Great for on the go and during training!

This is the best “energy” bar out i have found for triathlon training. It’s such a delicious taste, great size for a snack (or while on the bike) and perfect for during the day while running around! All around great fuel but especially for training!

April Rice
Best power bite out there!

These are my go-to energy/fuel source for long rides and competing in triathlon. I have a couple on the ride and they set me up nicely for the run. Highly recommend. The taste of all flavour is delicious and they’re a perfect side for your bento box! Don’t crumble or dry out in your mouth either 👍