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Aviant Blackcurrant Extract 30 Capsules

Aviant Blackcurrant Extract 30 Capsules

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Great for general health, immunity, sports performance and recovery. A must-have everyday supplement and one of our favorites.

New Zealand Blackcurrants contain higher amounts of anthocyanins compared to other blackcurrants due to our growing conditions. Anthocyanins are extracted from the skin of the blackcurrant and are dried into a concentrated extract. In addition to anthocyanins, blackcurrants are very high in antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenolics.

Blackcurrant antioxidants are thought to protect the body against the action of free radicals. Antioxidants absorbed from the diet may also aid the body’s natural defense systems.

Each capsule is made with vegetarian Vcaps® capsules and contains 106mg of blackcurrant anthocyanins and 147mg of vitamin C.

A New Zealand study looked at the effectiveness of blackcurrant to augment the ability of regular exercise to enhance the immune responsiveness of the body.

Subjects consumed New Zealand blackcurrant capsules, pre, and post-exercise equivalent to about 1/3 cup berries (240mg anthocyanin), for three weeks. The results showed:
- Significantly lower levels of biomarkers of oxidative stress in plasma.
- Significantly increased ability of plasma to suppress inflammatory responses.

The researchers concluded that blackcurrant extracts taken at the appropriate time and amount can augment the ability of regular exercise to enhance the immune responsiveness of the body.

This research found that blackcurrants boost the natural benefits of exercise, by reducing muscle damage and soreness and assisting immune protection. These benefits are backed by scientific data showing speedier tissue repair, recovery and performance in exercise. Therefore, this study suggests that at the appropriate time and amounts, New Zealand blackcurrants enable those involved in physical fitness to train harder, for longer periods


Ingredients per capsule
Blackcurrant Extract 395mg (anthocyanins 106mg), Vitamin C 147mg.

Serving Size 1x capsule

Recommended Use Take 1 capsule per day

- Always read the label and use as directed.
- If you are on any medication, consult with your health professional before taking this product.
- Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.


Customer Reviews

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great stuff

after using the Pure blackcurrant powder for a while I love the capsules for ease of use, although the Pure powder is great for my smoothies when I have them. I love the benefits of blackcurrants. one downside -don't open the capsules, the powder is very concentrated and I had purple fingers for a day when I put the capsule contents into my daily smoothie...

my favourite supplement

Ive been taking blackcurrant powder for many years now to help with my cycling and recovery. Its the best thing for results i have ever tried. I normally used the Pure powder but these caps are much more convenient to use and have a similar amount of active ingredients. Highly recommended.