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ALP Nutrition

ALP CURCUMIN - Anti-Inflammatory

ALP CURCUMIN - Anti-Inflammatory

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ALP CURCUMIN® is a scientifically based, high-quality, and concentrated nutritional supplement to drink including curcumin (CAVACURMIN®), vitamin D, and the unique alpine herbal extract ALP PHYTO® made from organic grown lemon thyme, mallow, chamomile, melissa, stinging nettle, edelweiss, and pineapple sage.

Curcumine complex with highest bioavailability of bioactive compounds for strong anti-inflammatory effect 

Vitamin D supports immune system and immune response during inflammation

First drinkable curcumine product including CAVACURMIN®  in Germany and Europe

A CAVACURMIN® bioavailability study at the University of Sydney, Australia demonstrated 40-times higher absorption of curcumin compared to pure curcuma powder or other nutritional supplements (1) 

Unique combination of phytonutrients from Swiss based alpine herbs in ALP PHYTO® and bioactive-curcuminoids in CAVACURMIN®

1) Purpura et al. (2017) European Journal of Nutrition


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ALP curcumin

High quality product! Helps with my joint pain and faster recovery from strength workout.