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Fuels Endurance Recovery Drink Supplement, is formulated to revive those body systems impacted the most by heavy training volumes and high frequency training blocks.  The seven focus areas of the revival formulation, are as follows -

1)    Reducing leucine (protein) muscle oxidation, from high volume endurance exercise, by raising levels of beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB , i.e. ketones).

2)    Highest quality whey protein isolate, to improve lean-body mass, reduce the damaging effects of high-volume eccentric muscle contractions (running, cycling etc.) resulting in a decline of muscle strength and micro-tear muscle damage. Whey protein has also been highlighted as improving immune response, and blunting cortisol responses from training.

3)    Improve muscle-torque (power), lower delayed onset muscle soreness and inflammation, through high dose L-Glutamine supplementation. L-Glutamine will also reduce exercise heat-triggered damage to the gut membrane, by rapid membrane repair.

4)    Improved connective tissue synthesis, by raising serum collagen levels.

5)    Eliminating carbohydrate triggered, insulin spikes, stalled fat-oxidation and heightened inflammatory markers through avoiding the use of sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltodextrins.

6)    Maintain favorable gut bacteria, by avoiding the use of all sugar alcohols like sucralose, that have shown to disrupt the gut microbiome.

7)    Replenish lowered sodium levels, commonly seen in low-carb endurance athletes.

 Turn up your high-volume training blocks with confidence, by supplementing your build with SFuels Endurance Recovery drink.