SFuels RACE+ Single Serve Sachet

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Sfuels Race+ is a powdered drink supplement for low-carb trained athletes, to fuel high-intensity racing and training by simultaneous burning of fats and carbs.  

 Using MCT oil, pre-digested branch cyclic starches, collagen, while avoiding sugars, glucose, fructose, syrups, sugar alcohols and maltodextrins, choose SFuels Race+ for smooth high-intensity energy supply, and mitigated gut issues.


MCT Coconut Oil,  Collagen Peptides,  Highly Branched Cyclic Starch Dextrin,  L-Glutamine,  Magnesium Glycinate,  Sodium,  Calcium,  Potassium,  Citric Acid,  Malic Acid,  Monk Fruit Extract,   Natural Flavors.

Each sachet mixes with 500 ml of water and contains around 100 calories.