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Our story is simple. Three drinking friends turned running friends lost their minds and committed to running a 100km ultra marathon. Classic mid-life crisis. We had a crazy and worthy goal and were sure that the adventure would do us a lot of good, but there was one problem… We weren’t very good at running

And so began our year long training that involved increased mileage – rain or shine – and countless mountain runs. However, we soon learned that running was just part of the equation. A healthier diet to power our middle-age bodies and efforts was crucial. We trained, ate cleaner, fought through pains, became better runners and conquered a 100km in March of 2013.

In addition to discovering what we are capable of both physically and mentally throughout the crazy journey, we also identified some pain points as runners in Taiwan. Although running is a rapidly growing sport on the island, the selection of products catering to runners remains limited, especially for running foods. Whether it’s natural products for everyday clean diet, supplements or endurance-specific fuel, most of the options are either ridiculously pricey, chemically engineered or of sketchy origin. Initially, we just wanted trustworthy and affordable superfoods for ourselves, but soon realized that runners of all levels have encountered the same problems. Runivore was founded based on the mission to offer high-quality and natural superfoods that are great for runners as well as providing the nutritional balance for healthy living. It’s that simple.

We just want all runners to be the happiest runner they can be.

Chia Seeds were the beginning, and our Chia on a Date Superfood Bar soon followed. Why chia seeds you ask? Chia – Run like Tarahumara We read “Born to Run” in 2010, and were mesmerized by the tales of this tribe of super runners and the legends and culture of ultra marathons. It also served as a big inspiration for our quest to become ultra runners ourselves. Being the inexperienced runners that we were at the time, we tried out many of the concepts mentioned in the book, including barefoot running, minimalistic shoes, increased cadence…not all of them stuck, but we have continued to eat chia seeds. Chia wasn’t so readily available back then, and we were finally able to get half a kilo from a family member living overseas. At the time, we were three casual runners that got together to run 10Ks on weekend mornings, but the first time we drank chia fresca before a run, we did 18km (from Ximen 西門 to Bitan碧潭 along the river) with a level of ease that we had never experienced before.

Of course in reality, chia on its own is not that miraculous, but the nutritional value it provides is without doubt critical to running performance and a big boost to overall well being. Chia has become a staple of our daily diet, and as a race fuel, it has powered us through numerous mountain runs, marathons, ultras, ironman…WE EAT CHIA and RUN MOUNTAINS, that’s how we roll.

We've now moved beyond just selling Chia seeds, we continue to run and we continue to innovate ways to make runners stronger, healthier, and happier.

One of our key products is our superfood energy bars. We made our bars by first researching the best that nature has to offer for healthy and tasty components. We were looking for a combination of quick bursts of energy from dried fruits like dates, raisins and oats, along with slow burning energy from almonds, pumpkin seeds. The chia seeds add the much needed Omega-3 for recovery, they also contain essential minerals like magnesium and potassium and are almost 20% protein, adding to the recovery quality of the bars. The recipe was fine tuned by a chef in one of Taipei’s four-star hotels. They are produced in small batches with minimal processing – we basically crush the ingredients, add enough heat to ensure proper mixing, and then simply roll and cut the bars.

RUNIVORE Superfoods