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ProViotic Bottle 

100% vegan probiotic. Each capsule contains 2.5 billion CFU of the good bacteria, L. Bulgaricus. You absolutely do not need to eat mucous-forming dairy yogurt to get the benefits of a probiotic. With our vegan tablet you’re going directly to the source of the friendly bacteria and excluding a dairy medium. Our probiotic does not need refrigeration.

More powerful and pure than any other probiotic on the market, ProViotic’s good bacteria has the longest track record of safety of any probiotic. It was discovered 109 years ago and has a perfect safety record recognized by the US FDA. It is safe for all ages in limitless quantities.

– Hypo-allergenic
– Soy free
– Gluten free
– 100% Vegan
– Non-GMO
– Non-bloating
– Extensively studied
– Good for all ages
– Good for all health conditions
– In use for over 100 years
– Recolonizing
– Destroys pathogens
– Refrigeration not required
– Supports immune health
- Better support of the upper GI track
- Certified Organic
- 2.5 billion CFU
- Harvard Tested Good Bacteria
- Natural flavor
- 100% Pure - no "other ingredients"
- Isolated from Snowdrop Flower
- Grown in organic juice