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ALP SPORT - Multi Vitamin drink, with zinc, magnesium, Q10 and selenium



ALP SPORT® is a scientifically based, concentrated liquid dietary supplement, with the highest quality ingredients from Germany and Switzerland.

It contains vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, 7 vitamins of the B complex, coenzyme Q10, vitamin E, selenium and the unique alpine herbal extract ALP PHYTO.

*Designed for the needs of competitive athletes, it is highly beneficial for a wide range of users. 

*The contained vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and plant extracts make an important contribution to energy metabolism, support the immune system and protect against the damage caused by free radicals in increased physical stress. 

*The high-dose combination of micronutrients reduces fatigue and tiredness after intense training, competition, and mental stress caused by travel, corporate and environmental factors.

*Far more effective than multi-vitamins in pill or capsule form, due to higher bio-availability and optimised mix of ingredients.  


Directions for use

ALP SPORT® is a liquid dietary supplement, with the taste of lemon

For athletes, take one 25ml vial daily, as part of your training recovery protocol

For general use, take any time during the day

Use ALP SPORT® as a replacement for any daily multi-vitamins in pill or capsule form.

Duration of use : 4 weeks and more 

Drink it pure or with water or fruit juice, or mixed into a smoothie / protein shake

Can be used together with ALP BEAUTY® and ALP CARNITIN®,  but not ALP PROTECT®