Singapore Physio

Singapore Physio

Singapore Physio specialise in endurance sports, knee injuries, back and neck pain, women’s health and post-operative rehabilitation. The clinic is located on River Valley Rd, just up the hill from the Mohamed Sultan Rd intersection.

The facilities at Singapore Physio have been customised to ensure our clients receive the best possible treatment. Their facilities include a private women’s health room and massage space.

In the clinic we also have:

  • a treadmill for running biomechanical assessments
  • a bike fit machine
  • the finest treatment tables
  • exercise balls
  • ultrasound equipment
  • a variety of balance devices
  • a mini-gym including leg press, free weights and TRX
  • a Game Ready icing machine
  • Recovery Systems Compression
  • market-leading tapes, orthotics, imported braces, heat packs and ergonomic equipment



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