What Products Do I Need For Race Day?

What Products Do I Need For Race Day?

What products should I use? How much? When?

Nutrition plans can be complex depending on the type, duration, intensity and season of your chosen event. Use our race day nutrition guide as a simple starting point and adjust it to suit your needs. Start practising early on in the lead-up to ensure a solid race day performance. 


    DURING //

    • 750-900+ mls PURE Electrolyte Hydration per hour to fuel muscles, hydrate and replace lost salts/electrolytes.
    • 1-2 Gels per hour. PURE Fluid Energy Gels are light and liquid to consume. PURE Energy Gels are closer to traditional thickness. Both gels come in caffeine and non-caffeine flavours and provide 22-25g of fast absorbing carbohydrates. Learn about gel differences here.
    • 1-2 PURE Electrolyte Caps per hour of racing to help prevent cramp and help muscle function.
    • For events 2 hours + you may want to upgrade your hydration to PURE Endurance Formula which has added protein to help fuel endurance and support tissue repair in recovery. Begin using this from the start.


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